About Av-og-til

Av-og-til is a campaign-organisation working to secure and promote certain situations and areas
of life as alcohol-free. Through campaigns and activities we strive to raise public awareness about
situations where the use of alcohol can cause harm or insecurity, also for third parties, in order to
make the everyday a little safer for everyone.

Av-og-til is supported by political parties and unions as well as governmental and non-
governmental organisations. Our members may not agree on everything but all support our efforts to
reduce the harmful effects of alcohol in our society, and in raising alcohol awareness in the general

The areas in which we focus our work for alcohol-awareness are: traffic, boating and swimming,
sports and outdoor life, pregnancy, in the company of children and youth, in workrelated situations
and during times of a personal crisis.

The annual meeting of the member-organisations is the highest body of Av-og-til and decides on
activities and the budget for the organisation. The board has regular meetings and is responsible for
implementing the decisions made by the annual meeting.

Day to day activities are coordinated by a secretariat in Oslo, currently employing six people.
Activities are financed by members’ fees and grants by the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Our
goal is to generate public acceptance for the need to maintain certain situations alcohol-free and to
contribute to the reduction of alcohol consumption in society as a whole.

For more information about Av-og-til in English, please contact us at avogtil@avogtil.no, or +47 23
21 45 30.